Unity Tutorial 13 - It's still too fast

It's still too fast!!!!

There are still a few problems with it running too fast.

To slow it down a little more, instead of editing the animation directly, let's change the speed of the animation.

In the animations folder, in Project, double-click the file called "pusher.controller" this looks like

This will open the "Animator" window somewhere. It opened it in the middle screen for me.

This presents the full 'State' engine of the Animator.

Basically, it's saying, "Upon Entry" go to the "pusher" animation. That's all really.

Select the "pusher" animation in the Animator window.

The Inspector will show its properties, in this case we want to change the 'Speed'. It's best to play with this. I went with 0.25 or ¼ of the original speed.

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