Senior Software Engineer

If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things

René Descartes

Ewan is terrible at writing biographies, but quite good at writing code.

With a love of logic, physics and stuff that works really well, Ewan started his career at Hive as a software tester, making sure that our clients’ products and services are the best quality they can be.

Through leading the test team here at Hive, Ewan built up a good understanding of software development and took the leap into the Java development world. He now mostly works on bringing clients’ requirements to life with clean, maintainable code.

With Ewan working on your project you can guarantee he’ll bring his meticulous attention to detail to developing great code for you and your users.

If Ewan could go back in time and work on any project for any organisation, it would be…

Continuing to work on the time machine that got me there. Once I could reliably move forward and backward in time then I would win the lottery several times in a row, invest in tech companies in the 1980s and retire to a nice beach in Sheffield sometime in the late 21st century. 

  • LOVES:
  • Beer
  • Walking in the Peak District
  • Chess


  • Java

  • Spring MVC

  • SQL

  • Continuous Integration

  • Python & Bash

  • Thymeleaf