Senior Software Engineer

Purify it with the cleansing flame

Tenacious, inquisitive and personable.

When Rich codes he likes to have a full understanding of the task in hand and will continue to chip away until he has a comprehensive clean solution. This approach has served him well in many other contexts, in particular gathering requirements, where he will ensure that he has a deep working knowledge of business requirements, which means no nasty surprises.

He's a sociable animal and really likes working and interacting in a team, whether that is to discuss the merits of a particular technical approach with other coders or business needs with the product owner.

Rich has worked for over a decade on an eclectic array of applications from desktop GUIs, websites and server backends. He's most familiar with Java, but has plenty of knowledge and experience with other languages and particularly enjoys learning new technologies.

In the end though, the code he writes is well structured and easy to maintain, but most importantly it will work and do what is required of the end user.

If Richard could go back in time and work on any project for any organisation, it would be…

Exile on the BBC Micro written in 1988 and still the best game in the world - fantastic coding for the time.

  • LOVES:
  • Climbing
  • The North West of Scotland
  • Mountain Biking


  • Java

  • Scala

  • JavaScript

  • C#

  • SQL