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Following the success of the Liferay training with Park Group, Hive IT helped re-design their flagship High Street Vouchers website. Through user analysis and testing, we were able to design a site that catered perfectly to the needs of their customers, is engaging and on-brand, and has knocked our KPIs out of the park.

the challenge

After the success of our Liferay training with the designers at Park Group, they were keen to collaborate on the re-design of their flagship High Street Vouchers website. Now that they had the in-house skills to work with Liferay, they approached Hive IT to help design a site that truly optimised their user experience.

the result

By exploring and analysing High Street Vouchers’ user experience and customer journey and continuous testing throughout the project, Hive IT helped design a website that has knocked the KPIs out of the park.

The new design has out-performed the current site on both SEO and sales performance. It has improved the abandonment rate, increased page views per session, and reduced the number of sessions using the site search function.

How did the HighStreet Vouchers site compare with the old one?
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As the primary focus for this new site was to improve the user experience, this project was completely centred around High Street Vouchers’ customers. We chose to take an iterative approach so that we could get wireframes and prototypes in front of users as quickly and as often as possible to make sure that the final design was spot on.

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understanding requirements

We started off by working with Park Group to understand their existing High Street Vouchers website, their customer base, and their requirements for the new site. Spending time with Park Group at the very beginning was key to being able to address their business requirements as well as their customers’ needs throughout the project.

mobile responsive mockups

user experience analysis

It’s pretty difficult to improve something without first understanding its downfalls. We couldn’t begin designing a new-and-improved user experience before we’d identified the issues with the current user journey. Through a user experience review and statistical analysis of the current site, we were able to highlight the pain points in the user journey and work out exactly how they could be improved.

 From here, we mocked up an initial prototype that addressed each of the customer journey pain points identified in the analysis.

Park engaged Hive IT to work on one of our multi-million pound websites. Their input has been invaluable providing expertise in User Testing and analysis to in depth technical knowledge on the Liferay platform. There was an instant chemistry between the teams that made a tight deadline a very enjoyable experience. The website is now live and outperforming the old site on all major KPIs - Looking forward to our next collaboration.

Karl Page
Head of UX, Park Group Plc

user testing

After a bit of tweaking here and there, we created a working prototype. We then facilitated interactive testing sessions, getting potential customers to use the prototype and feedback on the design and functionality. It was important to get Park Group involved with the user testing sessions so that they could see for themselves how user feedback impacts our designs. Taking the results from our first user testing session, we once again tweaked the prototype, improving the design and function to meet the needs of the High Street Vouchers’ customers.

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iterative process

At this point in the project, we wanted to validate any changes we’d made to the designs with an additional round of user testing. We wanted to make sure that the new designs met every customer need and significantly improved the user experience and an iterative process allowed us to do just that.


the finished product

At the end of this project, we delivered a brand new Liferay Theme for High Street Vouchers that incorporated our new design.

The new design has resulted in an improved, streamlined user journey and has out-performed the current site on both SEO and sales performance. Through in-depth user analysis and testing, the new design caters perfectly to the needs of High Street Vouchers’ customers.

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