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​After a decade of use, it was time the Sage Greenfingers website was redesigned to showcase the amazing work they do as a mental health charity. We proposed using Webflow CMS so that the team at Sage would have a beautiful new website that was easy for them to keep updated with new content regularly.​

the challenge

Sage Greenfingers have been working with the same website for the past decade, and whilst there were a few bits of content and some of the site structure that they wanted to keep we were basically starting from scratch. The challenge was to transform the Sage Greenfingers brand into something more contemporary whilst retaining the essence of what they believe in. Charities like Sage rely heavily on donations from the public in order to fund the work that they do so it was important to make sure ways to donate were clearly signposted whilst showcasing how donations are put to good use.

the result

Sage now have a fully responsive website that whilst maintaining elements of their core brand has a modern feel and is easily updatable by the Sage team. It’s a place where not only they can demonstrate the amazing work they do but ways to donate are now clearly sign posted throughout the site. Our Tech4Good initiative is aimed about making a positive social or environmental impact to our local community and we feel this will do just that.

What impact has the new website had since its launch?
Donations received via the website
No. of adults with mental health helped
No.of phone calls received weekly from potential volunteers
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We took a collaborative approach to the design of the new website, more importantly this was the first time Sage Greenfingers had worked with a digital agency on a project of this kind. Therefore communication was key.

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We held an initial workshop with Sage Greenfingers to discuss together their current site and do a content review collaboratively. During this session we were able to set goals for the project, talk about their users and how measure for success. 

Then it was on to a rapid card sorting exercise whereby we worked together to sort the sites content into groups in order to establish a clearer idea of the new sites information architecture

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Content Management System

We chose webflow as not only a great CMS but a tool that allowed us to design, build and launch a fully responsive site as quickly as possible for the Sage Greenfingers team. Webflow gives our designers the ability to work on and edit the working website visually whilst still having all the flexibility of traditional coding.

It was also really important that we used a CMS that could cater to the different levels of technical ability across Sage Greenfingers, and Webflow CMS offers this and with a small amount of help from the Hive team to get started, we are confident that Sage Greenfingers have a site that they can regularly update/add content to themselves.

In addition to this, Webflow offer really affordable hosting which is again of importance for charities and non profits as they are of course looking to keep their annual working costs to a minimum so as to fund more projects and support for the people who need it.


The finished product

This project is everything Hive Tech4Good is about, working with a charity in our local community to improve/redesign their website so as to help them attract more visitors, donations and volunteers. By doing this Sage Greenfingers are not only able to fund more projects but it helps to further cement the longevity of theses amazing grass root community led projects that do so much for so many people.

Sage Greenfingers now have a modern, responsive website that reflects their brand, the work they do and hopefully will help them to continue their work many, many more years to come.

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