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Ellie Mosley

Ellie Mosley.

Delivery Manager

Always try to be a little kinder than necessary.

J.M. Barrie

Ellie has over 11 years of project and account management experience in the digital sector, with a strong focus on building happy, healthy relationships with clients.

She ensures that the Hive team are equipped with everything they need to deliver their clients visions efficiently, allowing them to focus on their creative and technical skills, while she maintains regular and helpful communication to keep everyone informed.

Her values are trust, openness and understanding, and believes these traits make for the best way of working with clients and colleagues alike.

If Ellie could work on any project of the past, it would be...

The first ever Woodstock Festival in 1969… such an amazing moment for music history, the chance of meeting Jimi Hendrix in a hippy haze!


Relationship building, communication, delivery management, organisation, workshop facilitation, client development


Yoga, beaches and wine