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Jack Macdonald

Jack Macdonald.

Software Engineer

People who live in a glass house have to answer the door.

Karl Pilkington

Jack's first (academic) passion was Mathematics and Physics. He found them both fascinating and enjoyed them so much that he dedicated four years of his life to studying them at university. Jack has always enjoyed solving those types of problems and loves learning new things. After university he was ready for a new challenge and decided to explore software development. He joined his first role with no prior software experience and learnt on the job! Jack has since stuck with it as a career because it gives him many of the things he's always enjoyed - solving new problems on a daily basis, never doing the same thing twice and continuously learning (a never-ending number of) new things.

Jack started out as a full-stack developer using the C#/.NET, HTML/CSS/TS (Durandal.js/Knockout.js), SQL Server and Azure stack. He worked for a health-tech startup which focused on creating software to help GP practices - his favourite part of this job was working on something which had a real, positive impact on peoples lives. Since then, he moved to work on a tenant-referencing software product used by Letting Agents. In this position he felt that he grew a lot as a software developer, being exposed to many more technologies and DevOps processes, managing/monitoring Azure services.

Now Jack has joined Hive, and is really looking forward to continue working with our incredible and friendly team! And, hopefully, he can make a positive impact!

Jacks favourite city in the world is...

Barnsley ('Tarn). Born and bred. People say what they mean, and mean what they say. People are old fashioned and friendly. You can talk to anyone on the street and they won't look at you funny.


C#/.NET, HTML/CSS/TS, Azure, Physics, Maths


Going to the gym (especially old-school rusty ones), going on walks in the countryside, going for food in the countryside, staying in new places in the countryside, basically anything in the countryside.