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James Cutts

James Cutts.

Senior Software Engineer

I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.

Daniel Boone

A tech enthusiast at heart with a passion for engineering challenges. James loves solving problems in the most effective way, he loves writing the least amount of concise, testable and maintainable code possible to deliver the most amount of value with the simplest solution.

James also has a keen interest in adopting devops oriented approaches and has worked on configuring continuous integration, automated deployment and scalable infrastructure across a range of projects and environments.

In one way or another James has been creating, building and learning new skills since school age. As one of the most recent members of the Hive team James brings his eagerness to develop new skills and his keen passion to learn and adopt new technologies.

James' favourite city in the world is...



.NET, C#, JavaScript, Azure, SQL, Continuous Integration, Automated Deployment


Yorkshire Tea