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Nicholas Tsim

Nicholas Tsim.

Senior Software Engineer

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein

A Chemistry graduate turned coding enthusiast, Nick is one of the developers at Hive. He is an incredibly enthusiastic individual that loves learning new things and enjoys taking on a challenge. Constantly keeping up-to-date with current trends and developments in the industry, he has an extensive knowledge of new emerging technologies.

Nick has a few years of experience in the industry and has worked on a variety of projects at both startup and enterprise level. These have included a SAAS product that now boasts a turnover in the millions. Over the course of his career, he has grown an appreciation for all the facets of the software development process and strives to create well architectured and tested software.

Transparent, collaborative and friendly, he aims to form good working relationships with clients to gain a good understanding of the business requirements and translate these into awesome products.

Nick's favourite city in the world is...

Probably Barcelona because it's an absolutely beautiful city that's packed with incredible art, history and culture. There's such a ridiculous amount of things to see and do, I hope to go back and explore it many more times!


C#, Java, Kotlin, TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Spring, React, React Native, NodeJS, SQL, Terraform, Kubernetes


Gaming, raving, and coding