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Saicharan Muthyapwar

Saicharan Muthyapwar.

Automation QA developer

You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.

Maya Angelou

Saicharan is a versatile automation tester with a rich background spanning diverse industries including banking, insurance, media and health.

Saicharan has a proven track record of ensuring software quality through the adept use of automation tools. He possess strong problem solving abilities with a keen eye for detail and is committed to staying abreast of industrial practices and trends in test automation. He's adept at tailoring testing strategies to industry specific challenges, navigating complex regulatory landscapes, and finding innovative solutions for optimal software performance. Saicharan brings a proactive, positive work ethic and creative ideas to the team.

Saicharan's favourite city in the world is...

Hyderabad, India - captivates with a unique blend of history, technology, food cuisine and culture.


Typescript, Javascript, JAVA, Selenium, Python Robot Framework and Playwright


Listening to music, Reading books and Travelling