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South Yorkshire Refugee Law & Justice Development.

South Yorkshire Refugee Law and Justice (SYRLJ), a local refugee charity approached us as they wanted to improve their digital presence. SYRLJ aimed to increase visibility, enhance communications, and boost donations by enhancing their website and improving their ability to manage it effectively. We provided comprehensive support and expertise to address SYRJL’s needs and help them achieve their digital goals.

South Yorkshire Refugee Law & Justice Website
South Yorkshire Refugee Law & Justice
Who they are
South Yorkshire Refugee Law and Justice (SYRLJ) is a grassroots legal charity.
What they do
They provide free immigration advice and representation to those seeking sanctuary in South Yorkshire.
South Yorkshire
Build a website that can be easily managed internally and can help SYRLJ effectively engage with their target audience.


SYRLJ faced several challenges with their website. It was managed by a single user who had limited experience in Content Management Systems (CMS). This hindered their ability to effectively update and optimise their website, resulting in limited visibility, outdated content, and difficulties in engaging with their target audience. To overcome these challenges, SYRLJ sought assistance in improving their digital platform.


Using Webflow, we successfully built the South Yorkshire Refugee Law and Justice website. The site enables the charity to enhance their digital presence and more easily help provide free immigration advice to those who need it in South Yorkshire.

"It all looks great, thanks so much Lauren and Allan. Seriously thank you both so much for all the hard work and for your patience and support with us on this project. We're all really pleased with the site."
Tara Topteagarden, Director of South Yorkshire Refugee Law and Justice

Branding and Design

We began by updating SYRLJ’s branding, focusing on creating a new logo and colour scheme. The redesigned branding elements helped establish a stronger brand identity for SYRLJ, enabling them to connect with their audience more effectively. By incorporating feedback and following an iterative design process, we were able to create a final design that resonated with SYRLJ’s values and mission.

South Yorkshire Refugee Law & Justice Logo

Website Redevelopment

Having discussed the needs of SYRLJ, we recommended migrating their site from Wordpress to Webflow, a platform that offered a more user-friendly content management experience. This transition allowed SYRLJ to overcome the limitation of template-based websites and create a unique, visually appealing, and highly customisable website.

The new site architecture and intuitive editing capability of Webflow allows SYRLJ to update and manage their content effortlessly, resulting in a more engaging user experience.

The website redevelopment process included building pages and the site architecture within Webflow, thorough cross-browser and device testing, and incorporating feedback from internal testing.

SYRLJ was involved throughout the process, ensuring their requirements were met and their vision for the website was realised. By leveraging Webflow’s responsive capability, the new website ensured a seamless user experience across various devices.

Monitor screen and mobile phone screen with UX icons


We used the following tools and technology to redevelop the website:

  • Adobe XD - Designs
  • Webflow - Website

Training and handover

We provided a comprehensive training session and documentation to ensure that the SYRLJ team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to efficiently update and manage their website using the content management system we built.

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside the dedicated team at South Yorkshire Refugee Law and Justice. The collaboration throughout the project was an absolute pleasure and we are very grateful to have been able to contribute to a charity whose work makes such a meaningful difference.