Hive logo in Three.JS.

By Jamie Chatterton / 2018-09-06

Some time ago, I was experimenting with WebGL. This led me to discovering the three.js library as an easier way to program WebGL.

It is a wrapper around WebGL and simplifies a lot of the operations.

Using this I created two 3D versions of the Hive logo that run purely on the client, using three.js.

To start with there is the simple logo. This is just the logo, rotating randomly, smoothed using a 3rd-party library.

The second version is a little more ambitious. It's a version of the logo, split up like a Rubik's cube and randomly shuffling around.

The source code isn't minimised if you wish to view it, although it's a little ugly as I was essentially prototyping this as I went, it is available on GitHub.